2016 Graduation/Signing Ceremony

Apprenticeship 2000  News  Release:

2016 Apprenticeship 2000 Graduation/Signing Ceremony

16gsEvery year in mid-August, Apprenticeship 2000 holds an event to celebrate its graduating class and newly hired apprentices. Along with the partner company representatives and apprentices with their guests, the graduation and signing ceremony is attended by government officials, high school guidance counselors, and representatives from Central Piedmont Community College.
This year, Apprenticeship 2000 had 16 graduates completing their four years of training and 10 new apprentices signing their apprenticeship agreements with the state of North Carolina beginning their apprenticeship journey.

The 2016 Apprenticeship 2000 Graduating Class:

Selvin Castron (Ameritech – Tool & Die Maker)
Lukas Kwiatkowski (Blum – Tool & Die Maker)
Robert Moss (Blum – Tool & Die Maker)
Zac Starling (Blum – Injection Molding Processor)
Alex Bowles (Chiron – Mechatronics)
Jonathan Foronda (Chiron – CNC Machinist)
Christopher Stone (Daetwyler – Mechatronics Field Service Technician)
Matthew Brown (Pfaff Molds – Mold Maker)
Rex Brown (Pfaff Molds – CNC Machinist)
Arthur Mercer (Pfaff Molds – CNC Machinist)
Nicholas Wilson (Pfaff Molds – Mold Maker)
Tyler Brooks (Siemens – CNC Machinist)
Joseph DeFreese (Siemens – CNC Machinist)
Mario Engles (Siemens – CNC Machinist)
Cameron Friday (Siemens – CNC Machinist)
Peter Maiale II (Siemens – CNC Machinist)


All the graduates received Apprenticeship Completion Certificates from the US Department of Labor, the NC Department of Commerce, and their employer. They were also presented with their Journeyman’s Card and patch from the State of North Carolina. Perhaps most exciting, they graduate with no college debt and a minimum salary of $36,400.
This year’s event was held at CPCC’s Harris Conference Center in Charlotte with about 150 people in attendance. Nadya Murdasova, a third year Blum apprentice was the MC and the guest speakers were Pam Howze, Executive Director of Work-based Learning with the NC Department of Commerce and Gary Salamido, Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the NC Chamber. Pamela McGimpsey, Apprenticeship Consultant with the NC Department of Commerce, is our local contact and was there to sign the apprenticeship agreements with the state and present the certificates from the government.

Apprenticeship 2000’s newly hired apprentices:

Mike Merzke (Ameritech)
Mason Lewis (Blum)
Beau Pray (Blum)
Darian Thompson (Blum)
Colton Tweed (Blum)
James Young (Blum)
Yegor Starovyerov (Daetwyler)
Jacob Haines (Pfaff)
Patrick Lebling (Pfaff)
Devin Pierzinski (Pfaff)


Best wishes to all of this year’s Apprenticeship 2000 graduates and new apprentices!