Frequently Asked Questions

Apprenticeship is a teaching method involving hands-on training by a skilled professional. Apprenticeship 2000 uses a four year format to train apprentices in highly technical fields. For students in the last years of high school, it's a career path opportunity to acquire an education and career without college debt.
Apprenticeship 2000 was formed to offer technical career opportunities to high school students and employment after graduation. In return, the sponsoring companies obtain highly skilled employees to fit their technical needs.
We strongly support other companies becoming involved in apprenticeships. Please visit our chapters page if you are interested in starting an apprenticeship at your facility.
We work closely with guidance counselors in the local high schools. Please talk with your guidance counselor.
If we have an Apprenticeship 2000 presentation at your school, attend it for more information.
Then fill out an interest form, this is the first step.
Visit the process page for more details.
Apprenticeship 2000 is considering the following:
  • Complete courses in algebra and geometry.
  • Attend the open house.
  • Be willing to learn.
First, you must attend an orientation. The orientation is basically a job interview. You will be tested on your math skills and mechanical abilities. The top performers during the orientations are selected for our summer pre-apprenticeship. You must be motivated and willing to learn!
Students will be notified in early April of Apprenticeship 2000's decision on their acceptance into the six week pre-apprenticeship. This is dependent on your performance in the orientation.
The top performers during the summer pre-apprenticeship will be offered a position in Apprenticeship 2000's four-year apprenticeship program! You will be informed during the last days of the six week pre-apprenticeship.
Apprenticeship 2000 is comprised of several partnership companies and the local community college in the Charlotte, NC region.
Each company conducts training within their own facility.
See our Partners' page for locations.

No, our apprenticeship program is primarily a youth apprenticeship. Apprenticeship 2000 works closely with local high schools to select candidates for our apprenticeship program. However, some Apprenticeship 2000 partner companies may allow their current employees to apply for our apprenticeship program (as an adult apprentice) if they've been employed by that company for at least one year.

If you've already graduated from high school and are now interested in an apprenticeship, we encourage you to ask your local community college about apprenticeships that are available to you.

We encourage students to take the initiative to sign themselves up. We look for interested and motivated students to teach. Think of this as a first impression for a job. As parents, you should, and certainly will, be involved in the process. But, if the student has no desire to take advantage of this opportunity, they are starting off on the wrong foot. For more information, please check out our Parent's Page.
No, due to our unique selection process we do not accept resumes. We work closely with local participating high schools to find qualified individuals for our apprenticeship program. If you've already graduated high school and are now interested in an apprenticeship, we encourage you to contact your local community college and ask about other apprenticeship opportunities in your area.
The trades offered by Apprenticeship 2000 partners include: CNC Machinist, Injection Molding Processor, Machine Technician, Mechatronics Technician, Mold Maker, Quality Control Technician, Tool & Die Maker, and Welder/Fabricator.
Each partner company has their own needs and offer trades accordingly.
Yes, Apprenticeship 2000 partners guarantee employment upon completion of this apprenticeship program.
Yes! Beginning with our summer pre-apprenticeship, this apprenticeship is paid. You "earn while you learn". During the apprenticeship's first year of training, apprentices work 4 hours per workday in the afternoon. The remaining three years, apprentices work 40 hours per week. Also, while school is in, apprentices are typically paid to attend college one day per week and work the remaining hours at their sponsor company. You are paid to go to college during this time!