Apprenticeship 2000 Application Process:
There are four stages to Apprenticeship 2000’s application process.

  1. Registration (July – January)
    • Partner companies recruit at some local high schools, usually during the month of November.
    • High school juniors and seniors may register.
      • You must be a junior or senior in January of the following year, this is when we’ll have an open house.
    • We will work with your guidance counselor to determine if you meet the grade, attendance and other criteria requirements.
    • Parents, encourage your children to register themselves if they are interested.
    • Students may register by completing an online”Get Started” form.
    • Registration period runs to the end of each year.
  2. Open House (January/February)
    • Those who registered by year’s end and meet the qualifications, will be invited to an open house along with their parents.
    • At the open house, we will have an overview presentation of Apprenticeship 2000.
    • After the presentation, there is a question and answer session.
    • Students then can decide if they would like to participate in an orientation.
  3. Orientation (February – March)
    • Orientations are for students only.
    • After attending the open house, each student will be assigned to an orientation class.
    • The orientations last four evenings during one week at a partner company (about 4 hours each day).
    • Orientations consist of hands-on activities and written tests.
    • Partner companies determine if you are a good fit for an apprenticeship.
    • You determine if our apprenticeship is right for you!
  4. Summer Pre-Apprenticeship Period (June – August)
    • Our six-week summer trial period is offered to motivated top performers from the orientations.
    • This is essentially a six-week “job-interview” at a partner company.
    • It is a hands-on, in depth trial period.
    • Each student’s mechanical aptitude is evaluated by a trainer.
    • Each week is a paid 40 hour work week, including CPCC school day(s).
    • The top performers are offered an apprenticeship at the end of the pre-apprenticeship period.

The Apprenticeship:

  • The apprenticeship is four years of learning and earning.
  • Apprentices earn a Journeyman’s Certificate from the state of North Carolina.
  • Apprentices also earn an AAS degree in Mechatronics Engineering Technology.
  • Apprentices are guaranteed a job after graduation with a competitive salary.